Allison, a Florida native, relocated with her family to North Houston in January of 2006. Allison began her career working as a Customer Service Representative for FedEx. It was in the FedEx twelve week customer service training program, that she developed her “when all else fails, please the customer” view on customer relations. It was in this position that she developed a true empathy for the unhappy consumer and learned how to turn a negative customer engagement into a positive interaction. Being around Title Insurance and Law Firms most of her life, Allison decided to pursue a career as an Escrow Officer bringing with her the customer service mindset she developed at FedEx.

Allison’s title insurance career began in South Florida where she quickly moved from an entry level position of Escrow Assistant to that of an Escrow Officer. She was introduced to title insurance and initially trained by her mother, who had been an Escrow Officer, Account Executive and Branch Manager for title companies and local attorneys for many years. After a season of hurricanes in 2005 which crippled the real estate industry in Florida, she and her family decided to relocate to Houston where her husband was raised as a child.

Allison’s clients regularly refer their family, friends and colleagues to her with the confidence that they will be treated with respect, integrity and the highest level of service possible. She is known to answer phone calls, emails and texts from her clients at all hours of the night and all weekend long. She is referred to by her clients as their “Title Pro”. Closing a myriad of different types of transactions from reverse mortgage purchases to multi million dollar commercial sales, Allison is truly well versed in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions!

Allison has spent the last almost twenty years perfecting her customer service skills and improving the closing experience for all whom work with and for her. She loves what she does and it is evident in her commitment to excellence in every one of her closings.